Mandatory Software that Must Be Installed on the Computer

by nola
Mandatory Software that Must Be Installed on the Computer

Having a computer does not have to be used to complete office work only. Maybe we often install some additional applications on a computer or laptop. There are so many applications that exist today, you don’t even have to pay for them or just download them for free.

To make your computer installation more complete, you can install some additional applications that you can use every day. If we buy a computer, there are some default applications that have been provided by the computer vendor, so we just have to use them. However, sometimes we still need other applications. And each computer user can choose a different application.

Before you add another app, you must have some of the apps below. Why mandatory? Of course, almost all of the applications below are very important to help you with work and more.

The following are applications or software that must be installed when you just reinstall Windows:


We recommend that you first install the drivers for any hardware that you use on your PC or laptop such as VGA, Motherboard, Monitor, and even keyboard and mouse if they have their own drivers for settings. You can download DriverPack which provides a complete collection of drivers from various kinds of hardware. you can visit this site if you need information about business marathonmontpelliermetropole

Business and office applications

Almost all computers, laptops, notebooks, and even gadgets always have office and business applications. This application is often a default application or has been around since we bought a computer. Some of the must-have office and business applications are Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Wordpad/Notepad, Powerpoint, Ms. Access, Ms. Publishers, and others. Some of these office applications are used to complete office work, business, or complete school and college assignments. However, often we are not satisfied with the default application so we can replace the application with the latest version of the application that is more sophisticated and has more complete features.


Browser is an application that must be owned by computers, laptops, and others. Then, this application is very important if you often use the internet for work or just looking for information. The browser application is generally already integrated with the OS. Some browser applications that you can choose are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both applications have good speed and quality. No wonder the two browsers, Mozilla and Chrome, are often the default browsers for computers, laptops, and gadgets.


After installing the browser, it feels incomplete if it is not accompanied by a downloader software to download other software, download songs, download movies, and download important files. For software downloaders, you can trust the Internet Download Manager.

AntiVirus, AntiMalware, and Security

Antivirus is an application that you must have on your computer. With this application, you can protect your computer system from viruses and the like. You can get antivirus applications on the internet, both paid and free. However, to protect your computer and system and data from viruses and malware, you can choose a paid antivirus to install on your computer.

Image editing app

For those who work in the world of photography or graphic design, a must-have application on a computer is an image editing application. You can download this application alone or indeed as a default computer application. Some image editing applications include paint, adobe photoshop, and others. Both of these applications allow us to view photos or images on the computer.

pdf file app

The pdf application is an application to read files in pdf form, for example, to read ebooks or documents in pdf format. Some of the pdf applications that you can choose from are Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and others.
You can choose computer applications or software according to your needs, education, age or others. Most of the applications provide on the computer are applications that are used for daily needs for work. However, it doesn’t hurt if you also add some other applications on your computer.