Santa Barbara County Fire improves Mobile Data Computer program with rollout of new computer tablets

by nola

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – The Santa Barbara County Fire Department is improving its Mobile Data Computer program with a phased rollout of new computer tablets to improve command and control during emergency incidents.

The phased rollout begins with the new computer tablets and the Tablet Command application for the department’s fleet of fire command and support vehicles, and phase two will expand installation to all county fire apparatuses and coincide with the completion of the Regional Fire Communications Center in 2024, according to Capt. Scott Safechuck.

“The Tablet Command application, accompanied with the new updated electronic tablets, will improve command and control during emergency incidents, resource accountability, mapping, and the ability to see adjoining agencies in real-time,” Safechuck said.

“Command and control of emergency resources (are) critical when engaging in risk assessment, situational awareness, emergency operations, communications, and placement of personnel and equipment in strategic locations when time is of the essence.”

Safechuck said that the installation of the new tablets eliminates the need for two devices in command vehicles and reduces the replacement cost for a tablet by more than half. The Tablet Command application also provides early text notification to firefighters before engines and ambulances are dispatched, he added.

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