Keyboards Key Functions

by nola
Keyboards Key Functions

In today’s modern era, of course, you are familiar with computers or laptops. This tool to process data quickly and efficiently is equipped with various supporting devices, one of which is a keyboard.

The function of the keyboard itself is very important in order to be able to use a computer or laptop. Many computer functions are related to the use of this keyboard. The keyboard itself is one of the input devices on your computer or laptop.

On the keyboards, there are many keys including the alphabet keys and number keys. Keyboards on computers and laptops have almost the same shape and the functions of the keyboard keys themselves are very diverse.

Even though you rarely use the keys on the keyboard, actually the function of the keyboard keys can help you make it easier to do your work on the computer.

Functions of each key on the keyboard

  1. Esc . key

The function of the keyboard button in the upper left corner is to cancel a command that you did. If you press the Esc key it will cancel all commands.

  1. Caps Lock key

The Capslock button on the left has a function to make writing uppercase or capital letters. When you press the Caps Lock button, there is a light that lights up on the keyboard as a marker that Caps Lock is active.

  1. Tab key

The button which is slightly below the capslock button has a function to move the cursor in a pause or tabulation to the right. When you type and press the Tab key, the cursor will shift to the right by one tab.

  1. Backspace key

The Backspace key which is located on the right side of this alphabet letter serves to delete one character that is in front of the cursor. If you press the Backspace key at the same time as the Ctrl key, it will delete one word in front of the cursor.

  1. Delete key

The function of the keyboard key, namely the Delete key, we can use to delete one character that is behind the cursor. If you press the Delete key and the Ctrl key at the same time, one word will delete. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about recreation you can visit this site saklikentgorge