Application: 8 Differences between Gojek and Grab

by nola
Application: 8 Differences between Gojek and Grab

Application- Gojek and Grab are Indonesia’s major online transportation firms. There are some obvious contrasts between these two online motorbike taxis. Gojek offers an out-of-town delivery service named GoSend Intercity, whereas Grab offers GrabExpress.

Application Display Differences

The appearance of Gojek and Grab is indeed different, judging from the initial menu, it is not the same. In Grab can select services from the main Menu directly. As for the latest version of Gojek, you have to swipe first before the service appears.

The difference between Gojek and Grab services

In the sense that Gojek has more services than Grab. In the Gojek application you can use GoMed, GoMassage, GoClean, GoFitness, GoFood, GoMart, Go Shop, GoMall, GoPlay, GoTix, GoGames, GoNews, GoGive, GoNearby, GoPulsa, GoNearby, GoPoints, GoSure, GoInvest, GoRide, GoCar, GoSend, GoBox, and GoBlueBird.

Meanwhile, in Grab, the services include Food, Mart, Delivery, Health, Cars, Motorcycles, Credit/Tokens, Assistants, Rentals, Savings Packages, eScooters, Tickets, Hotels, Bills, GiftCards, and also Insurance. In terms of service, Gojek is indeed superior.

Differences in terms of rates for Gojek and Grab

Then you can feel the difference in fares too, Gojek is cheaper than Grab. For Gojek, for example, at 6 kilometers the fare is Rp. 10,000 while Grab for 5 kilometers is more expensive at Rp. 12,000. For those of you who want to save on travel fares, you can choose Gojek.

The difference between Gojek and Grab payment systems

Both Grab and Gojek have cash and non-cash payment systems. Gojek has GoPay while Grab uses OVO. These two digital wallets have different usage methods and conditions, starting with nominal top-ups, discounted fees, and many others.

Driver Salary System Differences

Then the salary system for Gojek and Grab is very different. Gojek has a profit-sharing of 80% for drivers and the remaining 20% ​​for Gojek. In contrast to Grab, which provides a higher percentage, which is 90% for drivers, then 10% for Grab. This salary system can be considered if you are going to register as a driver.

Different Discounts & Promos

Grab is recognized to provide more promos than Gojek in each region. Discounts and discounts in Gojek and Grab promos have differences. Likewise with the validity period in each of its operational areas.

Differences in Driver Registration Terms

To be able to register as a Gojek driver, the conditions include a cellphone number, email, ID card, SIM, and STNK. The requirements for Grab are almost the same, the difference lies in prospective Grab partners who have to do a test ride with 3 opportunities. If Gojek does not need a test to be able to enter, on the contrary, Grab must pass the driving test.

Different PayLater Facilities

Gojek has a Pay later facility called Gojek Pay later, while Grab is OVO Pay later. Both have quite different ways of using and registering. In addition, the nominal loan that can be obtained is also different.

On Grab, we can order GrabMart while on Gojek the service is called GoMart. Even so, the working system has differences, including how to order and even the price. From the above review, we can find quite a lot of differences between Gojek and Grab, the next thing you just have to do is choose which one you want.