Android: 4 Unique and interesting facts about Android

by nola
4 Unique and interesting facts about Android

Android- Despite its popularity, there are some interesting facts about the OS with the green robot icon that few people are aware of.

Since Google acquired it a few years ago, the progress of Android’s growth and development has been unstoppable and has become the leader of the mobile world to date.

But from the popularity of Android, of course, there are interesting facts that we can know. Here are some interesting facts about the operating system with the green robot icon.

Android-based devices are safer when downloaded from Google Play

Indeed, several years ago there were many reports that Google Play, which is the official place to download applications for Android, turned out to contain a lot of malware.

That’s because Google Play is open to the public and anyone can sell their apps there. Due to this, there are only ignorant parties who include malware applications in it.

Malware is exceedingly rare on Google Play, accounting for less than 0.1 percent of all downloads. Android users should download the program from Google Play because Google plays really guarantees the level of security.

The first Android-based device was not successful

The T-Mobile G1 is the first Android-based mobile phone by a US company. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 goes on sale later this year using the ‘Green Robot’ operating system.

Android’s creator nearly killed it.

Android Inc., being a small startup, faced the same funding issues as other startups or new businesses. Fortunately, there was a generous investor who loaned Android Inc roughly USD 10,000 to help it grow. Google finally bought the operating system and since then it has become the most famous operating system in the world.

Microsoft once looked down

Microsoft already has an operating system for mobile phones which is Windows Mobile, and the market no longer uses Windows Mobile at the time Android appeared.