6 Advantages of iMac Pro

by nola
6 Advantages of iMac Pro

Apple Computer- The iMac Pro desktop computer is available to order now. Starting from the United States, and will gradually be present in other countries. There is still no official information on when the iMac Pro will come to Indonesia.

Why buy an iMac Pro? Of course, Apple embeds a variety of features and advantages in this iMac Pro. So what are the advantages of the iMac Pro that are not found on other desktop computers?

There are at least 6 advantages of iMac Pro that you need to know, what are they?

Very High Specs of iMac Pro

The main advantages and disadvantages of the iMac Pro here are the specifications of the iMac Pro. We start from the kitchen spur first. For the lowest model, you will get an 8-core processor, 32GB RAM, Vega 56 GPU, and up to a 1TB SSD.

That’s just the model with the lowest specifications huh? For the highest model, you can get an 18-core processor and up to 128GB of RAM. Of course, the iMac Pro is intended for users who really need powerful computing power.

VR Ready

Since its introduction, Apple has deliberately positioned the iMac Pro as a Mac computer that is immediately ready for VR development, aka Virtual Reality. So it’s clear that the super high specifications are not without reason.

Working with Valve to bring SteamVR as well as HTC Vive to macOS, Apple doesn’t want to be left behind by PC manufacturers who have been ready for VR for a long time. So for those of you who are serious about VR, you don’t have to worry about using a Mac anymore, because there is already an iMac Pro.

T2 Chip From Apple computer

Previously, Apple introduced the T1 chip in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. This chip has features to increase Mac security. Now a new version of the chip, the T2, has been introduced to the iMac Pro.

There are several security features that are presented, such as Secure Boot mode, External Boot, secure hardware control such as SSD, audio, System Management Controller to Image Signal Processor for FaceTime Camera. Read: iMac Pro Has High-Security Technology Thanks to the T2 Chip. To know about health you can visit this site bakkerenleenheer

Have Many Ports

Unlike the latest MacBook Pro, which trimmed a lot of ports in the previous version, this is not so on the iMac Pro. Yes, a new desktop computer that doesn’t cut too many ports.

There’s still a headphone jack, USB 3 SD Card, Ethernet, and of course the latest Thunderbolt 3 + USB-C port on the iMac Pro. So you no longer need to worry about port problems on this Apple product.

Better Air Circulation

With the specifications of an iMac Pro that is very large like that, of course, it will produce excessive heat. But there is no need to worry because Apple has taken this problem into account.

Apple redesigned the iMac Pro hardware architecture from the inside. Not to forget, Apple created a new air circulation by carrying two blowers with a speed of 70% faster and an increase in air capacity of up to 80%.

Unique Color

The iMac Pro computer carries an all-dark color, in contrast to most iMacs which carry a silver or silver color, typical of Mac and MacBook products in general.

Not only the computer but also the various accessories in it as well. Starting from the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and even the Lightning cable is also made completely dark.