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Application: 8 Differences between Gojek and Grab

by nola
Application: 8 Differences between Gojek and Grab

Application- Gojek and Grab are Indonesia’s major online transportation firms. There are some obvious contrasts between these two online motorbike taxis. Gojek offers an out-of-town delivery service named GoSend Intercity, whereas Grab offers GrabExpress.

Application Display Differences

The appearance of Gojek and Grab is indeed different, judging from the initial menu, it is not the same. In Grab can select services from the main Menu directly. As for the latest version of Gojek, you have to swipe first before the service appears.

The difference between Gojek and Grab services

In the sense that Gojek has more services than Grab. In the Gojek application you can use GoMed, GoMassage, GoClean, GoFitness, GoFood, GoMart, Go Shop, GoMall, GoPlay, GoTix, GoGames, GoNews, GoGive, GoNearby, GoPulsa, GoNearby, GoPoints, GoSure, GoInvest, GoRide, GoCar, GoSend, GoBox, and GoBlueBird.

Meanwhile, in Grab, the services include Food, Mart, Delivery, Health, Cars, Motorcycles, Credit/Tokens, Assistants, Rentals, Savings Packages, eScooters, … Read More

Laptops: History and models of Toshiba laptops

by nola
Laptops: History and models of Toshiba laptops
Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

Laptops- You must be familiar with the name “Toshiba” right? How not, this is the name of a giant electronics company from Tokyo. Then, that has been around for tens or even hundreds of years.

Toshiba Company Development History

The Toshiba Qosmio Notebook PC is leading the way in converged computing and capabilities, offering consumers a complete set of personal entertainment solutions. Meanwhile, the “Thin and Light” series brings a high level of mobility and durability to notebook PCs for today’s business use.

Toshiba manufactures all kinds of laptops, from the cute and ultra-portable Libretto models to the cool Qosmio multimedia models. Toshiba laptops are also popular in America and Europe. Whether users are looking for a desktop replacement, a laptop for students, or a laptop for gaming, there will be something to suit them among the countless ranges such as the Toshiba Libretto, Portege, Qosmio, Satellite, … Read More

Android: 4 Unique and interesting facts about Android

by nola
4 Unique and interesting facts about Android

Android- Despite its popularity, there are some interesting facts about the OS with the green robot icon that few people are aware of.

Since Google acquired it a few years ago, the progress of Android’s growth and development has been unstoppable and has become the leader of the mobile world to date.

But from the popularity of Android, of course, there are interesting facts that we can know. Here are some interesting facts about the operating system with the green robot icon.

Android-based devices are safer when downloaded from Google Play

Indeed, several years ago there were many reports that Google Play, which is the official place to download applications for Android, turned out to contain a lot of malware.

That’s because Google Play is open to the public and anyone can sell their apps there. Due to this, there are only ignorant parties who include malware applications in it.… Read More